To register for Youth and High School Session or High School Sunday "Wake Up" workout Session please fill out the following registration form and pay online. If you submit the registration form with no payment then please attend the registration night at the club. Just submitting the registration form will not hold your spot for the session.

Completely fill out the form below, have it signed by a parent and then submit it. You can pay for the registration online after submitting the form through PayPal, or mail the registration fee with copy of registration form to DWC 171 Lincoln St Lowell, MA 01851. We will be accepting online registration until March 29th 2019. Please note you will not receive an email back from the club only from Paypal confirming you paid. Please email coach Shunamon at to confirm.

Online Waiver Form

Participant(s) Information

Participant One:

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Parent/Guardian Information


I do hereby release for Doughboy Wrestling Club (DWC) its owners, operators, instructors, employees, agents and servants, from any and all liability for personal injury to me or my child and/or ward as the result of any negligence arising out of or in the course of or in any way related to me or my child’s use of the facilities, equipment, apparatus or premises of DWC at 171 Lincoln St, Lowell, Massachusetts ("Wrestling Club") and /or my or my child’s participation in other events organized, run and/or sponsored by the DWC LLC, whether at said wrestling club or elsewhere. On behalf of myself and my Child, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the said claims, demands, costs, expenses and compensation arising out of or in the course of or in any way related to any personal injury to me or my child.

By signing this release, I acknowledge my understanding and acceptance of the following:

  1. Any sport requires strength, agility and concentration and that it is solely my responsibility to determine that my child is in good health and good physical and mental condition before permitting my child to exercise, work out, receive instruction or perform.
  2. That any sport that requires twisting, turning, tumbling, jumping, flexion, extension and rotation, which movements are often performed with considerable force and/or at considerable height and which can result in severe, permanent personal injuries, including, but not limited to, bruised, strained, sprained or torn muscles, tendons and ligaments, broken bones, derangements or dislocations of joints, concussion, brain damage, nerve and spinal cord injury, paralysis and death.
  3. That all sports require the use of apparatus and/or equipment, which may cause or contribute to severe, permanent personal injuries, such as those described above.
  4. Wrestling is a sport that has many contagious skin conditions and infections that a student may contract. Parents and wrestlers will notify coaches of any skin lesions or infections that they may have and take proper steps to safe guard other members.

I have read and understand the Release of Liability for Personal Injury.