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Doughboy Wrestling Club has raised the bar again for our student athletes!

On February 26, 2010, all of the Doughboy Wrestling mats and high touch areas received a professional application of the Surface Antimicrobial System (SAS), products from CSG New England. The SAS products transform surfaces into materials that continually inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria for up to three years, eliminating 99.9% of germs and bacteria. They are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-sensitizing to human skin and hypoallergenic.
We have made a commitment to putting a stop to skin infections at our facility by upgrading to this cutting-edge antimicrobial technology, and we hope you will be equally proactive in fighting harmful germs and bacteria at your home. This was a big investment but we feel by adding this to our facility it helps ensure a safe environment where we can get the most out of our athletes.

We will have a "zero tolerance" policy in regards to any skin infection such as ring worm, impetigo, staff infections (MRSA), and any other skin infections that may get passed on to another wrestler. You must be courteous of your fellow wrestler. If you do have a skin infection still come to practice as we will put you through a weight workout but your skin infection must be covered. In regards to ring worm, you must have been applying medicine to the spot for at least four days and then you can cover it and wrestler. Also please note if you have ring worm on your scalp you must see a doctor as they will need to prescribe you with medicine.

Again, the mats are only a year old and now have the SAS system applied on them. The majority of skin infections get passed on from wrestler to wrestler so please be courteous of your partner. We did not have any type of infection in the youth winter session!!!

Also we will be selling CSG SAS personal kits at DWC. To check out more information go to

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