To Doughboys:

Yes, you are probably reading this and saying: Wow Coach has finally updated the website and it is about time. The latest news was from 2005 and now we are in 2008 and we have a lot to talk about. The 2006 & 2007 seasons have been great years. The club has doubled in size and we finally have a home! The new training facility took everyone in the program to come together and help with its success. Many staff, volunteers, and parents put in countless hours during the summer to make the facility the best place for our wrestlers. The new training facility features a weight room, a full matted room, a parents room and much more. Having our own facility allows us to give Doughboys the ability to watch video and work out on the weekends. It truly was a dream and it has come true.

2008 looks to be one of the most exciting in Doughboy history! Some of the original Doughboys will graduate High School and go off to college this year. Having the facility is nice but the real goal of the club is to see our young boys become successful men. The sport of wrestling and the spirit of the DWC gives us so much more than trophies and titles. We are very proud to send these young men to college where they will represent us with their good sportsmanship, self discipline, and love of the sport.

Hopefully wrestling has given our young student athletes the ability to rise to the occasion, face defeat and overcome it, the will to fight through adversity and the ability to take ownership of their actions. The drive to work hard for everything they do and realize that they might not have been a State Champion, but feel confident that they did everything they could have and left nothing on the table. Sometimes the loss means more than the victory and once a wrestler accepts this mentality and translate it into every thing they do.

Now with Doughboys competing at the collegiate level, it is an exciting time for the Coaching staff. Our College Doughboys have been so impressive; they still are eager to learn and listen. This is a very hard characteristic to develop. They have recommitted themselves to the sport and are still hungry for the chance to get their hand risen. They come home from breaks and make many sacrifices to compete. I think they are waiting for their title shot and to take down Coach Shunamon. Don't worry men, I think he is slowing down. Keep up the great work!

How about the High School Doughboys! This past spring and fall groups were unbelievable with four days going and about 90 wrestlers in attendance. Also, how about two High School All-Americans Ryan Malo and Derek Sickle? These two young men did an incredible job. They put in the time and it paid off, Great work guys! What a group of wrestlers! I am very confident we will see a lot of Doughboys in the next few weeks competing for State Titles! We traveled a lot more this year from PA, New York and of course the New England Spring Duals, where we had three Doughboy teams and they all competed very well. Doughboys Black and Silver were both in the Semifinals!! Both teams lost, one to the Raisins of PA and one to a tough Central New Jersey team. The plus side for the Club is they were mostly sophomores! Coach Shunamon and I are very excited for this spring and hopefully to bring back the gold to the new facility!

Lets not forget about the Youth team, another great group of kids. The 2006 & 2007 group graduated many eighth graders who have already made a name for themselves. The biggest group also to head into prep schools and shows me that we truly have great student athletes. Like I always say, student comes before athlete. I am very proud of this group and the wrestling really speaks for itself.

The 2007 & 2008 team is probably one of the hardest working teams ever at Doughboys. A younger team with only a handful of eighth graders who are tenacious. They are up to the challenge of working hard and getting better everyday. We have added another great coach to the mix and its Coach Gardner. Coming out of PA and famously known Coach Wallers camps. Coach Gardner brings a lot of energy to the room and a new flavor of style, right out of PA where wrestling never ends. I am very excited about this year and have high expectations for the future of this team!

Now in 2008, we are in a new era for Doughboys in our own home. The ability to train and press for our goals. A place to put pictures on the walls of the facility. The room to hop on a treadmill or a bike when you're sore or you get kicked out of the room : ) The ability to bring in tapes and focus on technique. Like anything the facility is just paint, carpet, metal, open space and some weights. The character and heart of DWC has come from all of the hard work, sacrifice and commitment of you.

In closing, I CHALLENGE YOU! Your work is now about to pay off. The end of the season is here, the States, Dual Meets States and New England's. You are about to see if you have been true to your commitment and ready to make history. I challenge you now more than ever to not feel sorry for yourself if your sick or hurt. To dig down deep and fight off your back if you find yourself there. To make a come back if your down by a few points. To finish off your opponent and not sit on a lead. I challenge you to get out and do the extra run not only for yourself but your teammates. Grab your teammate who is a freshman and be a leader to your team. I CHALLENGE YOU TO WIN! This is the hardest challenge of all. Forget your fears of losing or trying to keep it close. Stop wrestling not to lose and Wrestle to Win. Accept the challenge and go get what you have worked for! Often, the only thing in the way of your dreams is yourself!! Good Luck and I am confident you will achieve your goals !!


Coach Marshall

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